Dealing With First-Grade Homework: A Good Tutorial

Kindergartners who have just started elementary school can be overwhelmed by the amount of homework they get in the first grade. It’s a parent’s responsibility to help their children adjust to a new stage in their school life. Use the following tips to help your first-grader deal with all the home assignments quickly and effectively.

  • Divide homework into portions.
  • It may seem daunting for your kid to do extra tasks besides school. In order not to let the whole load of tasks discourage your child from studying, suggest doing one task or a small part of it at a time and then have a break. Many young students can’t sit in one place for a long time, so it’s important to let them stretch their legs periodically.

  • Study together.
  • Your first-grader should feel your support and assistance. Always ask how his or her day at school was and what new material they learned today to be aware of your child’s progress. Some children prefer to have their parent right beside them while doing their homework. Some of them want to work independently and have their parents near only when they need some help. Regardless, you’ll have to check your child’s work and correct the mistakes. The important thing is not to concentrate on errors but praise your child for the tasks done correctly.

  • Pause.
  • Breaks are very important to stay focused and enthusiastic. Make a deal that after working on the task for 30 minutes your child can have a 15-minute break. That pause can be used as a snack time or time for taking a walk.

  • Arrange a place for studying.
  • Educators advise studying in one and the same place to establish homework routine. It should be a quiet place where your child won’t be distracted, and therefore work faster and more efficiently. As soon as you choose a location, you should arrange it properly. Make sure that your child feels comfortable and focused there. Provide a workplace with all the necessary supplies, such as pens, pencils, rulers, paper, glue, scissors, etc.

  • Make it fun.
  • Your task as a parent is to show your child that the learning process can be fun. Use the Internet to find various ways to make homework entertaining. Educational apps that can be installed on devices belonging to you or your child range from math and grammar guides to maps and general quizzes. It’s an important aspect of the elementary education to cultivate a love for reading in your child, so make their daily reading practice engaging.