Potential Benefits And Disadvantages Of No Homework Policy

The debate on no homework policy ranges on with varying views. As things stand, consensus does not seem to be forth coming. It is therefore important to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of the policy with the view of finding the best solution or an alternative.

Benefits of Homework

  • The pupil has a chance to exercise and learn independence by attempting the exercises alone. This will help in gauging his understanding and ability to apply the concepts taught in class on other questions. It instills a sense of independence as the pupil searches for answers in other books and sources.

  • It is a moment to master what was not understood in class. The speed of the teacher and attention to other students may deny the pupil a chance to learn at his own pace. Working at home offers a self-paced learning environment.

  • It is time to revise what was taught. Revision ensures that the concepts are ingrained in the mind. The student will also identify areas of difficulty and consult the teacher the following day.

  • Exam preparation- the questions are structured in a similar manner to the examination. They have to be tackled without the assistance of the teacher. The scenario is similar during examinations. It therefore serves as a practice session.

  • Gives a chance to parents, brothers and sisters to walk with the student through his learning process. The pupil understands the value of education and will appreciate the support of the family.

The above points indicate why assignment should be issued. However, there are other intervening issues that point at the disadvantage of issuing work to be completed at home.

Why Homework is Not Necessary

  • Learning is more than academic work- the assignments take up time that should be spent playing, socializing or learning other skills that are important in life.

  • Assistance from other people- the work is not necessarily completed by the pupil. The results obtained do not therefore reflect the true understanding of the pupil.

  • Anxiety and stress- the pupils are under pressure to complete the work. This is not the best learning environment and may affect their understanding.

  • Lack of resources- some pupils might lack the resources to complete the assignment. Parents, siblings, friends and other relatives might not be willing or able to assist. This makes it difficult for such a student to complete the work.

It is upon the teacher, parents and management to find the best solution regarding the no assignment policy. The solution should make learning easier and enjoyable. A perfect balance is possible when issuing assignments.